April 1st, 2021

Workstations and DR Plans - WST

You’ve just put the final touches on the latest revision to your corporate Disaster Recovery plan. You have made arrangements to acquire new server hardware and network components as needed, depending on the type of disaster you’re planning for.

What about your workstations? If your branch office has a small fire that results in actuation of the sprinklers, all your workstations will likely be ruined. Can you obtain enough workstations to get the staff working at 100% capacity? Have you planned for the time it takes to re-image dozens of workstations? Do you have the capability to rapidly deploy your baseline image and all your applications? If you use a managed services provider, do they have the capacity to help you get that many workstations loaded and ready for use?

Take a hard look at how you build and manage workstations and include that in your disaster recovery planning and procedures. Without this type of planning, you could have a fully operational server room and have no workstations ready to get back to work.

Compiled by: Bill Wallen, Security+

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