Specialized Compliance Audits

At 10-D Compliance, we offer specialized compliance audits to help you address various requirements in your industry. From general compliance controls to HIPAA compliance assessment to UDAAP audits, we can provide the expert evaluation and recommendations required to help you stay above board.

We serve financial institutions and banks, providing optimized solutions to help ensure you are staying compliant. When you partner with us, you get access to extensive industry expertise and support to help you move forward. Our goal is to help keep your business compliant, identify growth areas, and protect your company from potential risk. Learn more about how we can support your company's needs.

Services We Offer

Our specialized compliance audit solutions can evaluate and document areas to be addressed in your lending program. We assess your operations based on federal regulations and tailor the audit to your individual risk profile to help ensure full compliance. When you choose us as your service provider, you can work with us to determine which of our available audit services is best for your needs.

Our services include:

  • Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act (PTFA) Audit
  • Loans to Insiders (Reg O) Audit
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Compliance Audit
  • Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP) Audit
  • Website/Advertising Compliance Audit
  • Garnishment of Federal Benefit Payments (Part 212) Audit

Our Auditing Process

During the discovery process, our experts will outline details of the engagement to ensure we meet your business needs. We'll also discuss manageable time frames and establish report delivery expectations. You can rely on us to promptly provide reports that include both your overall compliance rating and any compliance issues we identify. To provide the most valuable feedback for clients, we have developed a reporting system that identifies risk-based factors and provides the information in a universally readable format and language. 

Our team is committed to providing accurate, helpful reports that you can use to improve your business's overall compliance and set targeted goals for development. Each specialized compliance audit follows best practices and all regulatory guidelines. We'll work with you to tailor it to your unique requirements, and we can offer on-site or remote audits, depending on your needs.

Contact Us for Trusted Auditing Support

If your business needs trusted auditing for compliance in your industry, turn to 10-D Compliance. Our staff is certified and highly experienced, and you can be confident in our attention to detail in reports. We also provide ongoing client support, helping you achieve proper compliance and protect your business.

To learn more about how we can meet your business requirements, contact us to get a quote today.

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The 10-D Compliance Difference
  • Our audits are performed by former compliance officers, auditors, and examiners with vast experience of the inner workings of financial institutions AND in-depth compliance knowledge.
  • We provide concise, professional, and easy to read reports delivered promptly.
You would benefit from a 10-D
Specialized Compliance Audit if
  • You require quick turnaround of reports and deliverables.
  • Your budget constraints do not allow for “Big Accounting Firm” prices.
  • Your management values their time and lacks resources to conduct their own reviews.

Keep your institution off the evening news.

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