Wire Transfer Audit

The Service

Wire Transfers are a high-risk function of any institution and are often subject to fraudulent, erroneous, and malicious activity. The result of such activity almost always involves financial losses, some of which may be substantial. In addition, an institution can experience a damaged reputation as a result of these activities.

Our Wire Transfer Audit will:

  • Identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your Wire Transfer Operations.
  • Identify gaps in controls that can prevent or reduce your risk exposure.
  • Identify steps you can take to reduce fraudulent, erroneous and malicious transactions.

Our Wire Transfer Audit Reports summarize the overall risk level and provide detailed findings that are also risk rated. This allows you to prioritize any remediation efforts.

These audits are often scheduled in conjunction with other audits, such as BSA/AML & ACH NACHA Audits.

The Scope of Work
  • Your wire transfer process is analyzed step-by-step.
  • Your wire transfer history is reviewed.
  • Your wire transfer policy & procedures are evaluated.
  • Your customer agreements and training materials are assessed.
  • Your wire transfer applications are reviewed.

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The 10-D Compliance Difference
  • We have experience auditing hundreds of financial institutions across the country.
  • Our professionals have compliance backgrounds and understand the regulatory requirements.
You would benefit from a 10-D
Wire Transfer Audit if
  • You are offering wire transfer or cash management services and products.
  • You are subject to regulation; such as GLBA, HIPAA, SOX or PCI.
  • You have had a fraudulent, erroneous or malicious activity within the last 12 months.

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