Purple Team Threat Simulation

The Service

Let our Red Team collaborate with your Blue Team in our Purple Team Threat Simulation. Our experienced engineers perform tactics used in the most common attacks and work with your organization in real-time to ensure these tactics are caught by your controls. This is a very interactive service and can help provide assurance that your controls work the way you expect them to. Testing can be customized depending on the type of threat you would like us to simulate. Real-time collaboration with your team allows you to adjust controls and then retest to ensure they are effective. Our testing mirrors how actual attacks occur, without the stress or liability. Our Red Team will employ cutting edge techniques and strategies used by today’s cybercriminals to help you evaluate your security controls.

Threats simulated include:

  • Ransomware simulation
  • Malicious Insider simulation
  • Successful phishing attack scenario
  • DLP controls

Do you have a threat you would like to simulate? Talk to our team as this service is customizable depending on your concerns.

Our assessment process is performed by specially trained engineers using current attack methodologies and tactics. The deliverables include a detailed report outlining the tactics used, what controls worked (and what controls did not), along with recommended remediation strategies.

The Scope of Work

The scope of our Purple Team Threat Simulation is straight forward:

  • You select the type of threat you want to simulate.
  • We develop a list of tactics to test the controls you have in place and work with you to make adjustments to harden your environment.

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The 10-D Security Difference
  • Our Red-Team (attacker) and Blue-Team (defender) experience allows for a more thorough evaluation and more meaningful results.
  • We have nationwide testing experience with ALL types and sizes of institutions.
  • Our proprietary tools capture and review key data in a fraction of the time.
  • We specialize in testing the critical, sensitive infrastructures of financial institutions.
You would benefit from a 10-D
Purple Team Threat Simulation if
  • You have concerns your controls aren’t ‘dialed in’ appropriately.
  • You have implemented a new security solution and want to ensure it is working the way you expect it will.
  • Your management values a proactive evaluation and the preemptive assurance this assessment will bring.
  • Your IT Team has a collaborative spirit and believes the safety of customer data is paramount.

Keep your institution off the evening news.

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