Social Engineering Assessment

The Service

Our favorite service offering is the Social Engineering Assessment. We are very skilled and successful at it and most everyone involved has fun. Unfortunately, cybercriminals also love to social engineer, and they are good at it, too.

Social engineering is the art of hacking people to gain information or access. Since humans are so complex, and we all have good days and bad days, collectively; we are the weakest link. This weak link in your defenses is exactly what the cybercriminals are targeting. Social engineering is one of the highest threats facing today’s businesses.

To combat this growing threat, many companies have instituted a multitude of security controls including: policies, procedures, monitoring, and security awareness training. These controls are what a good Social Engineering Assessment will test and evaluate.

Most of our clients are shocked at how successful we can be on their first test at tricking employees into divulging information. Those same clients seem to enjoy reducing our success rate year after year.

We see institutions reduce their risk levels most effectively by engaging a complete social engineering assessment annually, supplemented with focused engagements such as phishing email and phone testing each quarter.

Pass or Fail, Win or Draw; there is always something to learn from a good Social Engineering Assessment.

The Scope of Work

Our Social Engineering Assessments can be scoped to meet the specific needs and culture of any institution. Testing can target all of your locations and employees, or just a sampling of each. The test can include any of the following test areas:

  • Phone Interactions
  • Physical Interactions
  • Email Interactions
  • Trash Searches or “Dumpster Diving”
  • Media Drops

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The 10-D Security Difference
  • We are Subject Matter Experts in testing financial institutions.
  • We perform thousands of assessments across the country.
  • We have nationwide testing experience with ALL types and sizes of institutions.
  • Our discreet professionals are able to conduct tests without disrupting business.
  • We provide concise, professional, and easy to read reports delivered promptly.
You would benefit from a 10-D
Social Engineering Assessment if
  • You have put policies and procedures into place to help combat social engineering tactics.
  • Your institution's awareness has plateaued and a new challenge is needed.
  • You are performing security awareness training.
  • Your management understands that testing is a constructive part of the overall information security program.
  • You want to improve chances against this common attack method.

Keep your institution off the evening news.

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