External Penetration Test

Simple network scanning is no longer enough in the face of today's evolving threats. Bad actors are finding more innovative ways to gain access to internal systems. As a result, you need external penetration testing to evaluate your financial institution's defenses, harden your overall security posture, and adjust strategies to prevent a breach.

Our External Pen Testing Services

At 10-D Security, we have an experienced team to evaluate your institutional readiness to respond to modern cyberattack approaches. Our professionals use the latest external techniques and methodology to challenge your team's threat detection and response controls. Experts conduct a real-world cyberattack simulation without the stress and liability of an actual attack. 

In our penetration testing, we use a black-box approach - our security experts receive no advanced knowledge about your infrastructure. This dynamic and authentic testing form allows us to demonstrate step-by-step how someone without internal knowledge could access and exploit your systems. 

We'll also use various targets and techniques commonly employed by cybercriminals, including:

  • Phishing.
  • Phone calls, or "vishing".
  • Password spray or brute-force attacks.
  • SQL Injection.
  • Cross-site scripting.

Penetration testing complements your other InfoSec evaluations, like internal and external vulnerability and social engineering assessments. You can use these assessments for greater visibility into how your defense will hold up to a sustained attack.

Why Choose 10-D Security for External Network Penetration Testing

Financial institutions throughout the country trust 10-D Security for penetration testing because of our:

  • Skill: Our certified penetration testing experts know how to test security controls using the same methods a hacker would utilize.
  • Specialization: We understand financial institutions' unique threat landscapes. Our penetration testing simulates a cyberattack and allows you to exercise your Blue Team (defenders) against real-world tactics. We also have purple team exercises, which are when our Red team and your Blue team work together to improve your cybersecurity.
  • Speed: We know any vulnerabilities our engineers identify are time sensitive. This is why we ensure your report and detailed recommendations are in your hands quickly to give you time to begin vital remediation work. 

Choose 10-D Security for External Penetration Tests

Our external pen testing services are ideal for financial institutions that want a complete picture of their defense readiness.

Contact a 10-D Security expert online if you have any questions or request your custom quote today.

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The 10-D Security Difference
  • We specialize in testing the critical, sensitive infrastructures of financial institutions.
  • Our proprietary tools capture and review key data in a fraction of the time.
  • Our experience with the critical and sensitive infrastructures of financial institutions and other clients gives us the unique knowledge necessary to safely and efficiently maneuver in these environments.
  • We have both Red Team (attacker) and Blue Team (defender) experience, allowing for a more thorough evaluation and more meaningful results.
You would benefit from a 10-D
External Penetration Test if
  • You are ready to test your incident response plan.
  • Your management values a proactive evaluation and the preemptive assurance this test brings.
  • Your incident response team has a “bring it on” attitude and is ready to showcase their razor-sharp detection and defense skills.

Keep your institution off the evening news.

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