September 23rd, 2021

Weekly Security TidBits - WST

Sometimes all the little things add up …. And such is the case for today’s Weekly Security Tip! Check out the following tidbits

Help Wanted

All you need to do is take a look as you walk into any business today and you’ll likely see a “HELP WANTED” sign. However, we all know that good help is hard to find, but financial institutions may be finding it easier to hire now than they have in the past. Did you know that in mid-2020, the FDIC revised the criminal conviction restrictions for employees? Simply put, not all criminal convictions will disqualify candidates from working at a bank.

Cannabis Banking is One Step Closer to Being Legal

As part of the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, this week the U.S. House of Representatives passed by voice vote the SAFE Banking Act which would allow cannabis businesses access to the banking world. The NDAA – and the SAFE Banking Act – will be included in the final House version that will be voted on later this week. Once passed by the House, the bill’s final outcome will be determined in conference committee with the Senate.

Podcast Anyone

Who doesn’t like a good podcast? Maybe not as spellbinding as a true crime podcast, but geared towards helping financial institutions and their customers, the FDIC has their own library of podcasts. Check it out!

Authored by: Phil VanMeerhaeghe, CISSP

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