March 18, 2021

Where’s Your Data? - WST

Many organizations have opted to move some IT functions to the cloud. Sales management, off-site backups, document management, file sharing, and others are among the most popular categories for cloud implementations.

Do you know where your proprietary corporate data is physically stored? If you’re in a regulated industry, you should be acutely aware of the requirements for data storage. Even if you’re not required to store data within the continental United States, you should be aware of where your data lives. Does the country where your data lives abide by any US regulations? What are your legal options should the organization managing your data experiences a breach? Do your customers have concerns about where information you have relative to that customer is stored?

During your due-diligence, take the time to be absolutely sure where your data – and copies or replicas – are going to be stored. Just as it is in real estate: Location, location, location!

Authored by: Bill Wallen, Security +

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