April 18, 2019

Who’s Watching the Watchers IoT- WST

In a world of everything connected to the internet through the likes of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, the prospect of exploits and vulnerabilities abound. For the most part, these IoT devices lack the proper secure coding practices and security hardening that most well-known products implement. The focus is not on security, but convenience, and leads to numerous exploits being found on these remote devices. The remotely controlled video camera in the office or the one facing outside could have lurkers watching from another continent gaining intelligence on someone they’re trying to target. Or these exploits could lead to further escalation into your network if they aren’t segmented properly and ransomware all your files. Unsecured IoT devices provide an abundance of problems.

The best way to secure yourself is to keep these IoT devices off your network and to buy from a trusted vendor that has been checked for security vulnerabilities and exploits. If not, you may have someone from across the world watching your every move.

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