May 2, 2019

Training Users on Password Management – WST

Passwords are the bane of our existence, and with the number of logins required by employees to do their jobs, it can be overwhelming. While institutions are training their users on creating strong passwords, are any training their users on how to manage them? Using a (unique) memorable passphrase would be ideal for each login, however, remembering all those phrases or passwords gets difficult after a while. Users will likely want to either reuse their passwords or write them down somewhere.

Training users to use a password manager such as KeePass, LastPass, or 1Password will hopefully get them to store their passwords in a place that is encrypted while not in use. Additionally, a solution such as these will come with a password generator, allowing users to create extremely difficult to crack passwords at the push of a button. All a user would have to remember would be their domain password and the master password to unlock their vault. This would be a vastly superior solution to, say, an unencrypted Excel spreadsheet saved to a user’s Documents folder.

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