October 31, 2019

Top 5 Infosec Horror Movie Watchlist, PART 2 – WST

It is the sequel nobody asked for!  Snuggle up around a nice warm server rack, dim the lights, and enjoy one of these (totally legit…seriously) Infosec Horror Movie Classics:


Tales from the Cryptowallet

"You don't know what you have...till it's deleted..."


Texas Blockchain Massacre

"Sometimes bad crypto is worse than none at all!"


An American Hacker in London

"You better watch out for him, he'll rip your data out, Jim!"


Incident Response Plan 9 From Outer Space

"When aliens attack....how will YOU survive?!"


The Day the Network Stood Still

"They thought they had redundancy...they were wrong..."

All of the fine folks here at 10-D Security wish you a safe and malware free Halloween!!

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