November 30, 2017

The Holiday BIO Hazard – WST

So, hopefully, most of us made it through turkey day without bringing home too much sickness from the coughing-sneezing distant (thankfully) relatives. The nice weather probably has something to do with the illness avoidance. However, the next round of holiday festivities may be a toxic soup of germs and viruses just waiting to put your Pandemic Continuity Plan into action.

Now may be a good time to:

      • Get a FLU Shot – and make it soon, so it will be at peak effectiveness before the next gathering.
      • Conduct good hygiene training with employees. You know the basics: cough in your sleeve, wash your hands, don’t touch your face, etc., and
      • Provide hand sanitizers and tissues for employees and customers.

By the way, you did test your Pandemic Continuity Plan this year, didn’t you?

We truly hope you have fun SHARING with family and friends this holiday season, and remember; chest bumping will spread fewer germs than shaking hands.

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