November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving Top 10 List – WST

It’s a short week, and everyone at 10-D is focused on the upcoming holiday feast. So this week’s tip is admittedly a little short on “security” but will hopefully still help you avoid a crisis if you have a holiday turkey fail.

(With apologies to David Letterman and the Butterball Turkey Hotline.)

Top 10 Emergency Turkey Substitutions

10 – Tofurky

9 – Lemon Jell-O in a turkey mold (throw in some chicken bouillon cubes for good measure)

8 – Cheetos (when AREN’T they a good substitution?)

7 – Turkey-shaped Spam sculpture

6 – Squirrel ala King

5 – Whatever Uncle Buck hit while on the way to the gathering

4 – Hot Pockets

3 – Turkey-swirl ice cream (with cranberry sprinkles, yum!)

2 – Abandon the meal, go to Denny’s or “Golden Trough Buffet”

And the #1 Emergency Turkey Substitution: Turkey infused vodka

Happy Thanksgiving! And please, share any turkey fails you witness, but please change names to protect the innocent;)

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