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Something you have Something you know – WST


February 21, 2019 Something you have.  Something you know. - WST Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is simple, easy to use, generally straight forward to implement, and can save your organization and customers from data loss.  The token (something you have) is inexpensive or free, and usernames and passwords (something you know) is something your organization’s employees or customers use on a regular basis. Some obvious and typical uses for MFA are VPN access, administrator sessions to sensitive systems, or secure web-portals like web-based email access, secure file shares, customer portals, and so on. See our blog post for [...]

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The Low-Down on Multi-Factor Authentication


The Low-Down on Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-Factor Authentication, Strong Authentication, 2FA, MFA, Token-Based, Out-of-Band Authentication; what does it all mean?  Many more people are familiar with these terms than just a few years ago.  But, not all multi-factor authentication (MFA) types are created equal.   MFA solutions are designed to protect their users’ accounts in the event of credential theft.  With more advances in software technology and features, comes more vulnerabilities and potential ways for attackers to gain your password.  However, just how effective are the various MFA types?  Many MFA solutions have recently flooded the market, and that raises the question: [...]

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