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Kansas City Advanced ISO Course


The Advanced ISO Training Course curriculum takes an in-depth look at specific areas including areas of regulatory focus and where institutions often struggle. A general understanding of banking and information security and continuity programs is a plus, but not a requirement for this course. This course will explore some complex topics and provide advanced insight into the functionality of the ISO role. This is a full two (2) day course and includes lectures, demonstrations, in-depth discussions, and course tests. Management_Authorization_Letter CBISO Course Outlines

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Kansas City Essentials ISO Course


This Essential ISO Training Course curriculum was specifically designed to help both new ISOs and those who would like to establish a baseline of knowledge to help them successfully navigate this critical role. The objective of the Essential ISO Training Course is to provide the critical knowledge and skills needed to competently perform as an ISO in today’s financial world. This is a class consists of course material, lectures, demonstrations, and in-depth discussions.  A certificate of completion will be issued to those attending the full two (2) day course. Management_Authorization_Letter CBISO Course Outlines

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HP Ink Printer Vulnerabilities – WST


August 16, 2018 HP Ink Printer Vulnerabilities - WST HP’s Product Security Response Team published security advisories detailing two remote code execution security vulnerabilities, CVE-2018-5924 & CVE-2018-5925, affecting a large number of HP Ink printers. Many of the impacted printer models include fax capabilities which can be remotely exploited with a malicious fax.  Once exploited, the printer can be leveraged to attack other internal systems.  With the prevalence of these printers on business networks, it’s important to involve all printers and multifunction devices in your regular vulnerability and patch management process. HP has updated their security bulletin [...]

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The Forgotten Management Interfaces


August 9, 2018 The Forgotten Management Interfaces - WST The Forgotten Management Interfaces Out-of-Band or OOB Management used to be a more common term.  This refers to any way you can manage or log into a device outside of its normal admin interface.  It can be a dial-in modem attached to a router, a console cable in a switch, or a management controller on a server.  Whatever the method, they all can fall prey to a common problem:  As they are only used in emergencies, they commonly are forgotten.  This means a critical management interface can become [...]

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