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Vendor Device (In)Security – WST


May 30, 2019 Vendor Device (In)Security - WST Most IT environments have some sort of vendor configured devices on them.  From security cameras or copiers, to core application servers, you probably have at least one device on your network that your vendor setup for you.  Now, hopefully the solution they installed is working well…but is it secure? We have the privilege of evaluating a lot of environments and have seen many well-designed vendor systems… and we have also seen some, well, not so well-designed systems.  The problem is, many installation techs are primarily concerned with one thing: [...]

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An IT Audit Survival Guide


Overview Instead of stressing over an impending IT audit, proactively plan and prepare to have a successful review of the bank’s IT and information security environment. In doing so, bankers will be positioned for a good audit outcome, and in a better position to defend against a cyber-attack. This WiBinar will cover common planning and technology gaps and offer actionable steps banks can take to secure their environment, resulting in a positive audit. Learning Objectives: Learn to create a pre-audit planning checklist to aid in planning for a successful and efficient IT audit Review security practices to provide actionable steps [...]

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