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Cyber Insurance Easter Eggs – WST


April 25, 2019 Cyber Insurance Easter Eggs - WST Did you hear about the woman who was recently awarded $10,000 for reading the fine print on her travel insurance policy?  We can’t promise you the same, but there may* be some rewarding information in your own cyber insurance policies that we often encounter during IT Audit document reviews and have the opportunity to share with our clients. Incident Response Services.  Often vaguely stated, but occasionally detailed; your insurance company may provide a preferred third party for incident response activities AND include pre-paid or reimbursable time for you [...]

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The Dark Web: Overview & Tour


The language of the “Dark Web” is ubiquitous, and it’s important for banks to be able to communicate to customers what it is and what it contains. In this session, learn about the Deep Web, Dark Web, and Dark Nets and how they operate. Experience a live demo of the Dark Web to uncover where it exists, what it contains, and why it should be examined with caution.

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Virtual Private Networks: Should you be using one? A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create an encrypted connection to another network over the Internet.  Most users are familiar with them for connecting back to their institution’s network for remote access.  While this is one reason to use a VPN, it’s far from the only reason to use one.  In today’s environments, eaves-dropping, public Wi-Fi, and location tracking (just to name a few) pose significant issues that often result in unwanted privacy invasions or data theft. One method of helping to prevent this is using a VPN.  In [...]