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Pandemic Plan Time – Bye Bye Summer, Hello Flu! – WST


November 15, 2018 Bye Bye Summer, Hello Flu! - WST Winter seems to be in a big hurry, and yes, that means Pandemic Plan time. In the Midwest, we raced right from Summer into Winter without so much as a goodbye handshake. Right on cue, with the colder weather, we are already seeing the first cases of flu pop up . . .and you all know what that means. Yup, time to dust off the pandemic plan and make sure it is up to date. Pandemic Plan reminders: Focus on operating with limited staffing (are your procedures [...]

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My Regulator Says I Need a BSA Model Validation


Ensuring that your BSA/AML model is ready for testing and understanding what an appropriate scope should include are essential to getting the most value out of an anticipated model validation. In this session, we will examine common roadblocks to getting the most out of your engagement, put into plain words what the scope of work should encompass, and describe the steps in the validation process.

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ATM Compliance – Outside the Box – WST


August 23, 2018 ATM Compliance - Outside the Box - WST By now all your ATMs are running a modern operating system, are EMV-capable, have Braille in all the right places, and support voice prompts through a headphone jack.  All necessary IT controls are wrapped around them, and they’re spitting out cash just as well as they used to, but did you know there may be another set of rules for which you may need to comply? Many states, counties, and some cities have consumer safety protection laws subjecting ATM operators to physical security considerations, and non-compliance [...]

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HP Ink Printer Vulnerabilities – WST


August 16, 2018 HP Ink Printer Vulnerabilities - WST HP’s Product Security Response Team published security advisories detailing two remote code execution security vulnerabilities, CVE-2018-5924 & CVE-2018-5925, affecting a large number of HP Ink printers. Many of the impacted printer models include fax capabilities which can be remotely exploited with a malicious fax.  Once exploited, the printer can be leveraged to attack other internal systems.  With the prevalence of these printers on business networks, it’s important to involve all printers and multifunction devices in your regular vulnerability and patch management process. HP has updated their security bulletin [...]

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Ready or Not, GDPR is Coming! – WST


May 10, 2018 Ready or Not, GDPR is Coming! - WST What do these letters mean exactly? Perhaps an acronym for a new technology or even better…a new regulation?  In this case it’s the later.  Any guesses? If you guessed, “Gosh Darn Privacy Rules” you are close.  They certainly involve rules and have a lot to do with privacy, a topic that has received a lot of worldwide attention recently.  And speaking of worldwide, it’s worth mentioning these new rules originate in Europe.  (Before you stop reading at this point and think to yourself… Why should I [...]

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The Fifth Pillar – Beneficial Ownership – WST


May 3, 2018 The Fifth Pillar - Beneficial Ownership - WST Fifth Pillar - Last Call! For the past two years, BSA compliance personnel have been working feverishly to prepare for the beneficial ownership requirements under the new Customer Due Diligence Rule (a/k/a The Fifth Pillar) that have a mandatory compliance date of May 11, 2018.  After months of system changes, policy and procedure revisions, and staff training, are you ready for the largest changes in the BSA environment in nearly 15 years? Your carefully crafted program undoubtedly takes into consideration FinCEN’s July 2016 FAQ, and you’re [...]

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