May 31, 2018

Sure, we are patched, I think . . . – WST

“I heard on the news there’s an important update for our computers.  Are we updated?”  Every admin has been asked this question from a friend, coworker, boss, or client.  Hopefully your answer is yes.  But how do you know your computers are updated, without errors?

Windows Updates are a necessary step to ensure the security of your computer, network and data.  Unfortunately, visibility into the success of the actual update installation is lacking.  However, you do have built-in tools to help you verify installations and troubleshoot errors.  Tools such as: Event Viewer, the Windows Update log file itself, Reliability Monitor and PowerShell are all capable of helping you troubleshoot the installation of your updates on a local computer or your network.

See the blog post – for more information about identifying update status, and tools to troubleshoot updates in your environment utilizing tools you already have.

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