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About 10-D Security

10-D Security is a truly independent information security and compliance firm specializing in Financial Institutions. Our professionals provide best-in-class IT Security and Compliance Services to help our customers comply with GLBA and FFIEC regulations, as well as the FDIC’s InTREx criteria.

At 10-D, we understand the industry-specific needs of financial institutions and offer services, expertise, and deliverables to meet these regulatory requirements. Whether providing an in-depth IT Audit, or reviewing AML data, 10-D works with all levels of staff, from tellers to board members, helping each client demonstrate sound security practices.

10-D Security remains a constant in a highly regulated, ever-changing industry. We offer expert counsel by keeping abreast of regulations and requirements. Our customers can expect to receive exceptional work at a fair price from 10-D’s certified, experienced, and professional team.  Schedule your free, discovery consultation with 10-D Security today, so you can start worrying less about your institution’s security and compliance, and focus more on satisfying your customers.

“We have enjoyed working with 10-D over the past years! Their services fit a small community bank like ours.”

— TG $2.4B FI in West
About 10-D Security

What’s in the Name, 10-D Security?

The 10 Domains of Security

Once upon a time in order to provide a common body of knowledge and define terms for information security professionals, the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2  established the following ten (10) security domains:

  1. Security Management Practices;
  2. Access Control Systems and Methodology;
  3. Telecommunications and Networking Security;
  4. Cryptography;
  5. Security Architecture and Models;
  6. Operations Security;
  7. Application and Systems Development Security;
  8. Physical Security;
  9. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning; and
  10. Laws, Investigation, and Ethics.

Today, these domains still provide the foundation for security practices and principles in all industries, not just the financial sector.

Our name, 10-D Security, embraces all of these security domains and illustrates our commitment to them.

In April of 2015 (ISC)2 revised their training material to reflect eight (8) domains. An additional revision took place in April of 2018 to the following eight (8) domains:

  1. Security and Risk Management (Security, Risk, Compliance, Law, Regulations, Business Continuity);
  2. Asset Security (Protecting Security of Assets);
  3. Security Architecture and Engineering (Engineering and Management of Security);
  4. Communications and Network Security (Designing and Protecting Network Security);
  5. Identity and Access Management(IAM) (Controlling Access and Managing Identity);
  6. Security Assessment and Testing (Designing, Performing, and Analyzing Security Testing);
  7. Security Operations (Foundational Concepts, Investigations, Incident Management, Disaster Recovery); and
  8. Software Development Security (Understanding, Applying, and Enforcing Software Security).

Since the overall content and makeup of the original ten (10) domains is still valid and present within the revised eight (8) domains, 10-D Security will continue to embrace all of the original security domains. Besides, 10-D sounds better than 8-D . . .

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