September 26, 2019

Printing Security – WST

You’re sure you printed off those confidential documents, but you got distracted and didn’t grab them.  When you finally made it to the printer, they were gone!

Many printer and multifunction devices (copy/scan/print) offer private printing.  Private printing allows you to enter a code when printing a document, and then reenter the code on the printer’s keypad once you reach the printer.   Every printer manufacturer does the task a little differently, but the basic premise is to look for a “Private Print” selection in the various printer settings when you File > Print a document.  Practice private printing using a test document, making sure you understand the process before you print something important.

If your printer does not support private printing, make sure that you don’t get sidetracked when printing important information – choose the closest printer and walk/run to it as soon as you click “Print”.

Remember, leaving sensitive documents unattended on the printer can lead to unintended information and risk exposure!

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