February 14, 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words! Network Diagrams – WST

This is especially true when talking about network diagrams.  A network diagram is a roadmap that helps you illustrate and document what a network looks like, and how things are connected.

The following diagrams should be maintained:

  1. WAN topology that clearly shows all ISP, VPN, and WAN connections, wireless connections, LAN segments along with router, firewall and IDS implementations.
  2. Individual LAN topologies showing default gateways, DNS implementation, all servers, and all network devices.

Here are some key elements of good network diagrams:

  1. Keeping a diagram current and accurate is important, so network diagrams should be updated at least quarterly or after network changes.
  2. Label items with a name, function, and IP address(s).
  3. The look and feel of the diagrams should be consistent, and a common set of visual objects should be used where possible.
  4. Network diagrams should also contain a title that clearly defines the nature of the diagram, confidential statement notice, name of the author, and date of creation / last update.

If you outsource your IT, make sure your vendor is providing you with current and accurate diagrams.

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