September 17, 2020

IT Asset Management-Secure your environment and save money too!


Do you keep an accurate and up-to-date inventory of your IT assets?  If not, you may be wasting money and decreasing your overall IT security posture.

One of the most important aspects of managing your IT environment is knowing what you have.  Inventory all IT assets: desktops, servers, printers, network attached cameras, routers, switches, firewalls – if it plugs into the network, inventory it.  Use this list to make sure all assets are included in the controls you have in place, such as Active Directory, antivirus, DNS, patch and vulnerability management, and log management.  These are all critical functions that depend on having a good inventory to work from, and a system that was missed because it wasn’t in the inventory increases the overall risk to your environment.  Keep your inventory updated with scheduled periodic reviews, and as changes to your environment occur.

From a financial perspective, poor inventory management could lead to issues such as continuing to pay for maintenance or licensing on a system that was decommissioned years ago or leaving a long-gone system on the books.  The finance folks just love it when that happens!  (Protip: They do not love this.)

Proper IT Asset Management is a regulatory requirement in many industries, and scales well beyond these basics.  Ensuring you have an accurate inventory is always the starting point.

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