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Your end users have free will and a mouse, which makes them the most likely target of a Cyber-Attack. This means your endpoints are at high risk for exploitation. Don’t you want to know what vulnerabilities are on those systems before attackers find out?

An Internal Vulnerability Assessment identifies vulnerabilities throughout your IT infrastructure and provides a report that you can use to remediate issues within your environment. This report also helps determine the effectiveness of your Patch Management Program.

An Internal Vulnerability Assessment allows you to correct problems before malicious attackers can exploit a system and gain access to sensitive information. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The 10-D Security Internal Vulnerability Assessment deliverable includes a risk-rated listing of detected vulnerabilities and mitigation recommendations, which provides a clear roadmap for prioritizing and resolving detected deficiencies. We also provide repeat clients with trend reporting and graphs that illustrate the organization’s progress throughout 10-D engagements over time.

FFIEC guidelines state that institutions are required to perform an independent assessment of high-risk systems at least annually. That’s where we can help. 10-D Security clients benefit from our flexible engagement options.  In addition to annual assessments, we also have several clients who choose quarterly reviews. Multi-year engagements are also available.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

10-D has developed a reporting process that delivers “Risk Based” facts in a universally readable language and format.

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The 10-D Security Difference

  • Authenticated, comprehensive scan to ID all instances of a vulnerability on your network.
  • Our reports— the data you need, not the volumes of fluff generated from a scan
  • Search for 110K+ vulnerabilities including the most recently identified
  • Manual verification along with scanning to ELIMINATE false positives
  • Nationwide testing experience with ALL types and sizes of institutions
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Who Benefits from an Internal Vulnerability Assessment?

  • Organizations required to comply with FFIEC/GLBA, PCI, SOX, or HIPAA/HITECH.
  • Those with customer, personally identifiable information, or financial transaction data to protect
  • Institutions who need verification of patch management solution.
  • Companies who want the assurance their information security and general controls are sufficient and are performing as expected

The Scope of Work

10-D Security will tailor the scope of work to fit your company’s needs and can include:

  • 100% of internal devices
  • VOIP systems and endpoints
  • Specific or 100% of network segments
  • any operating system

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