Compliance Services


In 2013, 10-D expanded our offerings to help community financial institutions with Compliance-related services.  Institutions require such a variety of reviews to meet regulatory requirements, which grow more complex every day.  Our independent, third-party Compliance reviews bring the up-to-date expertise your institution needs to ensure you are ready for you next examination.

Our service expansion over the last five years is primarily due to the addition of some stellar employees with a great deal of expertise.  Our team now includes former FDIC examiners, who have a combined quarter-century of experience examining institutions of all shapes, sizes, and complexity.

Our services now include:

  • ACH/NACHA Audit
  • BSA/AML Audit
  • BSA/AML Model Validation
  • SAFE Act Audit
  • Wire Transfer Audit

There are many other aspects to compliance as well.  To help meet these needs, we have also established a partnership with Applied Compliance Services.  ACS provides:

  • Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO) – Acquire the expertise you need to administer an effective Information Security Program.  Our vISO service provides you with an experienced, proven professional, and removes the burden of recruiting, training, and retaining a highly-qualified employee.
  • Policy and program development consulting
  • Risk assessment consulting

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