September 6, 2018

Chrome safe browsing tips – WST

In an internet full of malicious actors and exploits around every corner, it is a good idea to protect yourself while browsing by using a few of Google Chrome’s plugins.  These certain plugins will protect you from exploit kits, drive-by downloads, and malvertising to name a few.  It is even possible to stop being tracked by websites to preserve your anonymity.  There are numerous plugins for Chrome, but safe browsing should be the main priority.

Here are the top 4 security plugins for Chrome:

  1. uBlock Origin – Adblocker for blocking ads of all kinds
  2. HTTPS Everywhere – Forces all sites to use HTTPS instead of HTTP, a much safer alternative
  3. Privacy Badger – Detects and blocks trackers from spying on you
  4. Flashcontrol – Disables Flash content, which is highly susceptible to exploitation

With these plugins combined, it can create a more seamless internet browsing experience as well.  Blocking ads, trackers, and Flash will have the benefit of a page loading faster and with less clutter.  Ultimately, the crux of safe browsing comes down to not clicking on suspicious links or going to unknown websites.  However, if you succumb to clicking on something dubious, these plugins should most help ease your mind knowing the attempt has been blocked. And don’t forget, never tread the wilds of the internet unprotected.

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