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Minding your P’s & V’s – Patch Management and Vulnerability Management


Congratulations!  Your boss has tasked you with creating a Patch Management Policy to address a recent IT Audit finding.  So, you think to yourself “No problem, I’ll just Google an example - or even better, request a template from 10-D Security and knock it out.”  Just when you think this is the easiest thing you’ve done all week, your boss comes back and nonchalantly states, “Actually our remediation tracker says, ‘Vulnerability Management Policy’, so create that instead.”  “Ok, fine,” you think, “I’ll call it whatever you want, it’s the same thing anyway.”  Or is it?  A quick web search for [...]

Minding your P’s & V’s – Patch Management and Vulnerability Management2020-07-30T17:35:51+00:00

GDPR is coming… but what does it mean, and why should I care?


GDPR is coming… but what does it mean, and why should I care? If your organization hasn’t heard these four letters by now, it may not be time to panic - but it is time to learn what they mean and if they could impact organization.  Below is a brief overview intended to get you familiar with this new international regulation and hopefully answer some of the basic questions. What is the GDPR?  General Data Protection Regulation - A new set of rules (regulations) established by the European Union (EU) to give its citizens more control over their personal data. [...]

GDPR is coming… but what does it mean, and why should I care?2019-07-12T15:18:47+00:00

Cyber Security Baselines and Anomaly Detection


Baselining and anomaly detection are security concepts that have been around for quite a while, however, recently both have received renewed interest. This new attention stems from increased regulatory focus on incident response and that in today's cybersecurity world it's no longer a question of "if" but "when." Cyber-attacks have evolved to the point where they can pass through technical defenses, blend into an environment and remain undetected as long as necessary to carry out their malicious objective. Detecting these covert assaults requires vigilant monitoring and a thorough understanding of what is considered "normal" behavior in an IT environment, including both [...]

Cyber Security Baselines and Anomaly Detection2019-07-16T18:18:53+00:00
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