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Security Disciplines


Ah, security.  Network security.  Information Security.  Endpoint security.  Configuration security.  Cloud security.  Physical security.  All different but depending on the size of your institution or your role within it, you may have a hand in each of these security areas.  And while it may not seem important to the casual observer, it is important that anyone managing any aspect of these knows the differences between them. When I decided after six years in IT that security was where I wanted to focus, I dove in head-first, never really considering that there are subtle but real differences in each of these [...]

Security Disciplines2020-07-15T22:39:36+00:00

Network Access Control Basics


Network Access Control (NAC) can be a very confusing concept to understand if one tries to dig into the minutiae of how it works and every single thing it can do. Instead, to get an idea of how it can assist you in your security efforts, start by focusing on breaking down its name: Network.  Access.  Control. NETWORK.  It’s a bunch of jacks in the wall that have wires that run back to that blinky-light box in a closet or in the data center.  Or, maybe it’s those white boxes on the ceiling with the antennas pointing in various directions.  [...]

Network Access Control Basics2020-05-15T20:23:45+00:00
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