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Virtual Private Networks: Should you be using one? A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create an encrypted connection to another network over the Internet.  Most users are familiar with them for connecting back to their institution’s network for remote access.  While this is one reason to use a VPN, it’s far from the only reason to use one.  In today’s environments, eaves-dropping, public Wi-Fi, and location tracking (just to name a few) pose significant issues that often result in unwanted privacy invasions or data theft. One method of helping to prevent this is using a VPN.  In [...]


New Easy Password Standards? Not so Fast!


Passwords… it's no secret; most of us are really bad at creating and maintaining passwords. In fact, 81% of hacking related breaches leveraged either stolen or weak passwords. But unfortunately, passwords won't go away any time soon. Almost every resource, application, web site, and the like requires some form of username and password. Because of this, it's no surprise that almost all of us struggle to follow recommended password standards by many security experts.At the same time, attackers and their tools are becoming more and more sophisticated, enabling them to more easily steal, decrypt and/or brute force passwords, which allows them [...]

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5 Top Laptop Security Tips


Today's mobile workforce has generated the awareness and subsequent need for mobile security like never before. As data growth increases, the requirements set forth in new laws and regulations also demand that organizations demonstrate due-care in protecting sensitive customer data. Meanwhile, the ever-increasing amount of sensitive data continues to find its way onto laptops and adds additional threats to these devices. Because of these threats, organizations should follow a number of data protection and security best practices. Incorporating these top 5 practices can help any organization or individual protect sensitive information in order to mitigate the risk of regulatory and/or [...]

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