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The Reverse Tailgate . . . Works Every Time – WST


October 3, 2019 The Reverse Tailgate . . . Works Every Time - WST OK, Almost every time. You have all heard of Tailgating or Piggybacking, where someone follows someone through a secure door.  The reverse tailgate is simply the reverse of that; someone sneaks through a door someone else has just come out of by catching the door before it closes. If done right the person leaving never sees or hears what has happened, so it is highly successful. Recommendation: When training on physical security, instill in your staff that they are responsible for witnessing the [...]

The Reverse Tailgate . . . Works Every Time – WST2019-10-10T21:35:42+00:00

Flu Shots are Here – WST


September 19, 2019 Flu Shots are Here - WST So now that all of our little bio-hazards are back in school doing their best to germ-share with their friends, it is time to start thinking about getting our flu shots. The following CDC website has some current flu vaccination information for you: Now is a good time to review some Pandemic Plan basics: Focus on operating with limited staffing (are your procedures up to date, and have you cross trained?) Don’t limit the plan to any specific illness or medical condition Consider your vendors; if they [...]

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Finding Weakness in Todays Networks


Finding Weakness in Todays Networks Evaluating the security of an internal network environment can be accomplished several ways. We routinely field a number of questions about internal network security assessments. A few of the most common questions are regarding: Internal Penetration Test vs Internal Vulnerability Assessment Authenticated or Unauthenticated Assessment To White List or Not to White List Black Box, Grey Box or White Box Patch Management Reporting The following is some insight into these different areas. Internal Penetration Test vs Vulnerability Assessments The easy answer is both are good, and both should be performed. These are really two different [...]

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