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Vendor Device (In)Security – WST


May 30, 2019 Vendor Device (In)Security - WST Most IT environments have some sort of vendor configured devices on them.  From security cameras or copiers, to core application servers, you probably have at least one device on your network that your vendor setup for you.  Now, hopefully the solution they installed is working well…but is it secure? We have the privilege of evaluating a lot of environments and have seen many well-designed vendor systems… and we have also seen some, well, not so well-designed systems.  The problem is, many installation techs are primarily concerned with one thing: [...]

Vendor Device (In)Security – WST2019-05-30T15:29:58+00:00

Microsoft Security Update Guide-WST


April 11, 2019 Microsoft Security Update Guide - WST As most of you already know, Microsoft has been releasing Windows cumulative monthly updates for some time now.  Each of these updates (generally) includes relevant security updates from previous releases, making the installation process simpler.  Apply the most recent cumulative updates for your Microsoft software, and you should be in pretty good shape. The downside to this approach is that each update addresses multiple issues, and after applying the patch, there may be additional action needed (i.e. a registry key, GPO setting, etc.)  So how is a careful [...]

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Penetration Test and the Vulnerability Assessment


Penetration Test vs the Vulnerability Assessment Some say Potato, some say Patato. The term "Penetration Test" has been thrown around a lot in the Information Security industry. Some vendors and institutions use the term Penetration Test interchangeably with "Vulnerability Scan" (or Assessment), when in fact, the two define very different scopes, methodologies, and deliverables. The recently updated FFIEC Information Security Booklet discusses these types of tests and offers definitions and expectations of what is required of financial institutions in these areas. The short story is that yes, both are different, and yes, both are needed as part of an effective [...]

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The Patch is Only the Beginning


The Patch Sometimes it is only the beginning. Not all patches work out of the gate. Anyone who has been responsible for patch management knows that it is a never ending cycle of download, test, patch and repeat. What is often overlooked, unfortunately, is that sometimes, even when a patch is applied, the vulnerability it is supposed to fix isn't always fixed…not right away at least. Over the past few years, there have been several Microsoft vulnerabilities that need additional action after the patch is applied to actually render the vulnerability remediated. When performing Internal Vulnerability Scanning, time and again many [...]

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Exposed Management Consoles


Exposed Management Consoles - A look at Microsoft Exchange In most organizations where we find Microsoft Exchange, we find Outlook Web Access (OWA) open to the internet. Generally, external access to OWA and ActiveSync is allowed when mobile users are accessing Exchange email. This is all hosted using Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS). What many administrators may not realize is what other websites are running by default and may be exposed to the internet as well. Microsoft Exchange uses different server roles to determine what services a server offers and hosts. The Client Access role generally is what provides services [...]

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