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I’ll Tell You What You Need to Know


I’ll Tell You What You Need to Know While walking past the president’s office, he sees and summons you into his office and asks if you can fix the printer on the back wall.  After astutely seeing the printer’s status panel is indicating “Out of paper,” you load paper and voila, it prints.  “Hey, you’re pretty good at this technology stuff.  Our last exam said we had to appoint an Information Security Officer that isn’t part of the IT Department.  That will be you.”  The president gets the Board of Directors to formalize the role and title, and before you [...]

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Incident Response Plan


Responding to Robberies Your Incident Response Plan for Cyber Robberies Ask anyone outside of the banking industry "What do banks have in place for responding to robberies?" and you will likely get a response referring to silent alarms, surveillance video, guards, tracking systems and/or exploding dye packets. It's assumed, and obvious, that banks have robbery prevention and response plans. Now consider this: in 2010 the average bank robbery netted around $7,500. But what about cyber theft? Determining average bank losses for cyber theft is harder to do, since many (if not most) institutions' cyber losses don't get reported to law [...]

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