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Keep Yourself from being Roasted – WST


April 9, 2020 Keep Yourself from being Roasted - WST First an attacker must use the initial user account they compromised to scan Active Directory for accounts with a SPN (Service Principal Name) set. SPN values allows Kerberos to associate a service with a logon account. Authentication attempts are then handled through ticket requests. Further details of SPN, and ticket request are beyond the scope of this WST, but one key thing to note is that the tickets are signed with an NTLM hash. Once a list of accounts is obtained, the attacker then issues a ticket request [...]

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Going Next Level


Going Next Level The shape of the internet as we know it is constantly changing and evolving to meet the growing demands of business and entertainment. This constant growth however has added levels of complexity to Information and Network Security which can lead to complex and mismanaged network environments. One of the newer products to hit the Security scene that is hoping to help reduce those layers is a Next Generation Firewall. In the past we have relied on a "source, destination, service/port" format for rule structure. However as the Internet has aged the complexly of modern web traffic and the [...]

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