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Low-Tech ID Theft (Dumpster Diving) – WST


August 15, 2019 Low-Tech ID Theft (Dumpster Diving) - WST Yes, dumpster diving is still alive and well and used to gain institution and customer information. This truly is an old school way of getting customer information, but it can be highly effective. The reality is that all of the high-tech controls we put into place cannot stop someone from tossing information into the waste basket instead of the shred basket. Let’s face it, most of us don’t want to dig through a dumpster to verify that sensitive information is not being thrown away by bank employees.  [...]

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Email Security – WST


August 8, 2019 Email Security - WST People tend to think of email security as a surface level process like not sending customer data in a message body or accepting Wires via email without secondary verification.  And yes, those are common-sense things, but email security is a much deeper process.  The technology behind email security is vast and includes proper configuration of email servers or services, email security appliances, and secured email encryption to automate the security process and take the control out of the hands of the weakest link.  Us. This week’s blog post focuses on [...]

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Securing IoT-WST


July 18, 2019 Securing IoT - WST Right now, today, Internet of Things (IoT) devices are generally a security issue.  Unless you plan to ban every mobile device, Dot, Echo, Google Home, Siri, Bixby, and Alexa from earshot of all your spoken business, it is possible these services are capturing this information.  Although not subject to unwanted eves-dropping, even IoT enabled hair straighteners – yes you read that right – are subject to malicious attack, to the point that a hacker can burn down your house. These days we hear about functionality being implemented to allow the [...]

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