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Make Reconnaissance Harder for the Bad Guys-WST


June 20, 2019 Make Reconnaissance Harder for the Bad Guys - WST Before an attacker can attempt to gain access to a network, they must first find the resources utilized by the organization to attack. This is what we call the reconnaissance phase. During this phase public data, such as WHOIS information, domains, IP addresses, and email addresses is collected and documented to give the attacker a fingerprint of an organization and what may be available to exploit. Let's take a look at a few of the tools that we use during our reconnaissance phase: DataSploit - [...]

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Why you should consider Ad Blockers – WST


March 28, 2019 Ad Blockers and why you should consider using them - WST Many websites use advertisements to help supplement the cost of creating new content, hosting the site itself, and to generate revenue. Many site owners utilize various ad platforms to load ads onto their websites. However, bad actors have been known to abuse these platforms to direct users to malicious websites or download malicious content. This is known as "malvertising". A seemingly innocuous ad could lead a user to a drive-by download or load malicious code from a compromised website. Reputable ad blockers such [...]

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