Advanced ISO Course Curriculum

This Advanced ISO Training Course curriculum was developed to address current trends in both cybersecurity and recent regulations.  The “Hot Topic” areas are covered in-depth and offer many examples and ideas that banking professionals can benefit.  The course includes discussion of the following topics, and more:

Hacking Demo

  • Witness the act itself
  • Explore the attacker’s thought process
  • Learn about the breadcrumbs left behind

Log Management

  • Logging Coverage & Settings
  • Aggregation & Archival
  • Correlation and alerting
  • Look at spotting the hack

Baseline & Anomaly Detection

  • Establishing “Normal”
  • Identify and Investigate Anomalies
  • Declaring an Incident

Incident Response

  • Exploring Forensic Retainers
  • Initial Actions
  • Managing Incidents

Disaster Recovery

  • Complete Continuity Testing & Training
  • Policy & Procedure Management
  • Surviving an Event

Vendor Management

  • How to Manage the Vendor Relations
  • How to Meet Regulations
  • How to Protect the Bank

Professional Politics

  • Surviving the position
  • DO’s and DON’Ts

CBISO Certification (optional)

  • EISO Course completion and pass exam (70% or better)
  • AISO Course completion and pass exam (70% or better)

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