April 26, 2018

50 Shades of Administration – Managing Domain Admin Privileges – WST

Everyone needs Domain Admin Privileges to work in the IT department…right?

Permissions are some of the hardest items to manage in any IT environment.  One thing we see over and over during our work is members of the IT staff given Domain Administrator accounts when 90% of their job is to help members of the Domain Users Organizational Unit reset their password.  There is no reason for someone new to the world of IT to be able to make substantial changes to the entire Active Directory environment.  Microsoft provides some tools to help IT departments manage the permissions of their users, well beyond the pre-defined groups that come with a fresh internal domain.  For a couple of examples of how to expand the abilities of the user accounts in your environment without expanding the member list of your Domain Admins group, check out our latest blog: https://10dsecurity.com/prod/50-shades-of-administration-managing-domain-admin-privileges/ .

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